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Publicity is not a product, it is a service. It is the art of positioning a personality or brand in a manner that generates media excitement and adds credibility to the personality or brand.

A publicist is an individual responsible for publicizing a person, business or brand. Publicity is free and advertisement costs.

What does a publicist do?

A publicist generates media coverage for their clients as a means of public promotion and we help make your manager or agent’s job much easier. Your manager or agent focuses on negotiation deals for you, and we, your publicity team, focus on your exposure and reputation.

A publicist typically:

  • draft press releases

  • helps puts together an EPK (an electronic press kit)
  • pitches their client to the media

  • schedules interviews

  • oversees their client's image (work with a fashion stylist if needed)

  • scans the media for any mentions, both positive and negative

  • manages any social media activity

  • set up photo or video shoots

  • help write speeches, media alerts, biographies, newsletters, blogs etc.,

  • helps plan events

  • make sure all branding is cohesive

  • manages any crisis

  • manages media training..and more.

As the premier agency for personalities and small business brands, we work hard to position you and your brand for maximum exposure. In short, we help make you a household name. 

We have two service offerings for PR: limited and full service. Schedule a chat with us today so we can get your face and name plasted everywhere!

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