Writing & Editing


Communication on Another Level

Stop saying that you are not a writer! If you can think and idea, you can write that idea. Point blank period.

We want to help get your thoughts and ideas clear and polished. If you have a great idea, we make it greater. We help make sure that the presentation you put out into the universe best represents you.

Once your words have been published, there is no turning back. So why not make sure everything you put out is created in excellence? This is how we feel about what we do. We believe presentation is critical to a person’s success whether it be personal or professional. Even the best writers and editors need a second opinion before publishing.


Editing is more than checking for errors or making sure content connects and flows; it’s about taking a piece of work from good to great and from great to superb.

Before any work is performed, a mandatory manuscript review must be completed. Editing includes three levels of work- copy editing, content editing & proofreading. Should all three levels be required, there is a total editing package available. Prices are determined by the amount of work needed. 

We work with strategic deadlines with turnaround times from 14-30 business days (depending on the length and the amount of work needing to be invested). We do offer expedited service for additional costs.


With ghostwriting, we take your idea and make it a tangible, written manuscript. Because it is a tedious, challenging, yet rewarding process, ghostwriting is one of the most cost-effective services we offer. Through a series of conversations with you, we create an outline for your project and then work with you to get it completed. This is a tried and true method of "We do the work, you get the credit!" Why? Because you talk and we write. You don't even have to think about it...

The timeline for completing a ghostwritten project is solely dependant on the amount of research and work needed to complete the manuscript. There is no "one-size-fits-all" method here. 

If you have a book, a blog, a sales page, a speech, a manual, or anything that requires the written word that needs to be completed but you lack the time (or energy) to get it done, hire us to help you.

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